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Our Smart Book Kit

How Smart Books – with
Anytime, Anywhere Teacher
works… Watch Video

DIY - Multiple Intelligence Porta

Art & Craft Kit


With Anytime, anywhere Teacher!

Our books are popular among children and their
parents as they are special! Our books are enabled
with AR- Augmented Reality technology, and we call
them SMART Books through which the children get a
teacher even at home to strengthen their learning and
concept building!



Play Group


Learning Apps & Portals

Our Learning Apps and Portals are age appropriate and child friendly

Bright Beep App

First-Time-Ever! Parents can track
skills developed from performing
an activity! Skills- Cognitive, Fine,
Sensorial, Arithmetic & Language
and also 2 Way Communication
between Parent and School.

DIY-MI @ Home Portal

Multiple Intelligence Development

Quiz buzz… Hundreds of quizzes for every levels

Interactive Fun Learning… Hundreds of Smart
interactive learning activities.

Montessori Activity… Demo of Montessori
Activities also @ Home, supports Montessori
Toy Library Program.

Craft Activity… Demo of Craft Activities also @
Home, Craft Kit Box Provided for Home also.

Montessori Toy Library

Your Child can take a wooden Montessori Toy almost every week

  • Comprehensive Montessori Toy Collection: A diverse range of Montessori toys and materials designed to promote holistic child development.
  • Engagement and Exploration: Encourages children to engage in exploratory and purposeful activities at home, promoting cognitive and motor skill development.
  • Mobile and TV Alternative: Offers an engaging alternative to screen time, fostering hands-on learning experiences and reducing reliance on electronic devices.
  • Skill Mapping Application for Parents: Facilitates easy tracking of a child’s skill development, fostering collaborative engagement between educators and families.
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